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    Virtual classroom

    Why develop a custom software or patch various software platforms to achieve your social goals? Let us provide you a fully integrated learning management solution that has been used by many skill development projects around the world. Webtrays learning management solution is designed for low internet bandwidth situations. If you are focusing on youth empowerment and youth skilling, leverage a white label solution like Webtrays to train and connect with your users.

    • Track leads across mediums (Website, Social Media, Phone, Email and Chat)
    • Powerful Reminders and Alerts for Staff to turn interested prospects into students
    • Daily and Weekly Management Reports on prospects for better visibility into Admissions
    • Completely integrated with Admissions Monitoring and Tracking system.
    • Serve the student through transparent Support System
    • Student can create tickets through Email or Online form
    • Complaint or Service Tickets can be managed across departments from a single interface
    • Completely integrated with Learning Management system
    • Management Dashboards for analytics of support tickets