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    Easy Login/Registration

    Get the Feature to Login registered candidates over to the candfidate portal to attempt the test series assigned to them or get your new candidates registered over to webtray by filling up a simple registration form easily so just fill few details and the panel is ready to use


    Get the complete benefit from us as we provide the easy functionality of monetize so as you will earn from candidates buy making products which will contain the test series in them. Make packages earn money get the profit easily at each step at webtrays.Create product -----> Add Test -----> Earn Money so follow 3 simple steps earn profit

    Question Bank

    Easily Add 4 different types of questions which contains single choice, multiple choice, true false, fill in the blanks so add Subject, add topic and create a question which will be used over test.

    Course & Section Management

    Manage your course with the section easily so as to use for different levels of candidates as per the syllabus.

    Assign Homework Classwork

    The educational institutes can themselves assign the homework to their candidates easily with our feature to add the homework with the classwork which the student can view over its panel after doing simple registration or login.So get rid of all the manual effort which you do and digitilise your life

    Attendence Management

    Now Institutes can manage the attendence in a completely new reformed way without maintaining physical records in registers fastly.Don't do the calculations manually let us do the hard work for you so save attendence at our portal without any record restrictions

    Result Reports

    View the reports of each test submitted with full details of the marks scored left marks and all the things you need to know of candidate.Get report in a completely new enhanced UI which will give a clear picture of candidate performance.Also export report to send it over email id or download to your browser

    Candidate Management

    Add Export a single candidate manually over portal after filling details one by one or import multiple candidates together by using oiur excel uppload functionality to save time.


    Webtray provide the coaching institutions schools colleges to make thier students get benefit of e-learning as admin can upload documents like doc files jpg pdf xls and candidate can view them easily over the candidate portal.


    Students and educators can see all important information and functionalities from the dashboard about the tests and the functionalities. The dashboard gives the single window control to perform various actions.

    Interactive Test Page

    Students can attempt the tests created over user friendly fully responsive test page which is compatiable to run over any updated browsers with full functionality.

    Different Test Pages

    The educational institutes cangive the look and feel to students of real time competition examinations by changing the type of theme of test page with a little change over in functionalities.Students will know the things over online exam be prepared for it during mock exams

    Create Instructor/Admin profiles

    Now make the profile of an Instructior add it over panel now manage the rights to access over different modules on the bases of rights &autho