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    Webtrays - World's Best ERP for Educational Institution Management


    Higher Education

    Recently, the higher education landscape has become more competitive. Universities and colleges are searching for cost-effective ways to engage students, deliver a richer learning experience and provide an easy access to curriculum, events, grades, and schedules. Webtrays offers an exceptional pay-per-user pricing that incorporates indefinite training, support, maintenance, upgrades, server capacity and storage for learning. This innovative learning vertical will empower the higher education enterprises to communicate and collaborate in completely novel ways.

    Skill Development

    Skill development platform is one platform for all of the software needs for skill development projects. webtrays skill development platform provides a fully integrated learning management solution that is being utilized by numerous skill development projects across the globe. Webtrays learning management solution offers low bandwidth solutions which focuses on youth empowerment and skills. The platform further enables the users to connect with and train all the users by leveraging a white label solution.


    Corporate Training

    Webtrays Learning Management System is intended to assist your organization in engaging with the employees and offering an interactive learning experience. Webtrays LMS is a SaaS platform that offers you the plans within your budget. Webtrays LMS app integrates with the organization’s HR system with a single sign-on methodology to ensure the seamless experience.

    LMS for Associations

    Webtrays provides associations with a comprehensive suite of solutions based on their needs. From registration, conference apps to eLearning and professional development. Webtrays has everything associations need to engage their members from start to finish.

    Powered by Simplicity

    Get ready for a new era of online examination with us by having a really simple & easy to use plateform which will fulfill all your needs by the enhanced features for students & educators both.

    Enhanced Features

    We provide some of the enriched features that will streamline your all-inclusive exam process. On simple clicks you can manage questions, students, tests, courses, payments and can have a view over complete analytics.

    Accurate Analytics

    We guarantee you the 100 % accuracy of student analytics with correct data over reports.

    Interactive Interface

    Easy to use interactive user friendly easy to understand system with the simple registration, signing- in, synchronized processing, accurate and interactive UI of analysis and more.

    Branding Option

    We doesn't stop here we will give you the chance to promote your business by using your name instead of ours over candidate portal so as the students will know you more by our white label feature.

    Active Accessibility

    No restrictions over the usage just register and use anywhere around the globe as our system is universal without any restrictions. You will experience a lag-free synchronized performance of webtrays on your mobile devices too.

    Webtrays - India's leading Online Exam Platform

    Key Components

    Manage your exams with accuracy over results easy test panel. Webtrays provides a world class experience to the students and educators. It is simple and interactive to resolve all your worries about the examination, preparation, recruitment, and more.Along with this you shall get the support whenever you need 24*7 over this leading online exam platform.

    Add Questions

    Directly add question of 4 types into our question bank module by manual entry of single question or multiple questions by excel import functionality with complete security of the data too...

    Assign Students

    Create a test and assign it with a single or group of students you want the test to be attempted or just send the link of that test over email to some random unregistered/registered students

    View Reports

    Some of the refined analytics with more accuracy in marks will give you a complete idea of your students performance.

    Our Clients

    Webtrays is empowering more than 1 lakh students to make their online assessments and improve their scores.